Clinically Psyched Announces New Features And Redesign

Clinically Psyched Announces New Features And Redesign

At the moment, we are still in the process of completely redesigning Clinically Psyched and ironing out some glitches. We expect that the vast majority of the aesthetic redesign work will be complete within the next week, although during this time we will continue to post new clinical psychology news for our readers to follow.

PTSD And Returning Soldiers

It was nobody’s fault, he said. Anthony Montgomery was a 21-year-old Royal Marine when he was ambushed by his own side on regular reconnaissance in the Falklands. Minutes later, he was trying to revive his friend who had been cut in half by British guns.

Repossession ‘is mental threat’

The fallout from the economic downturn could be a significant threat to mental health, according to a survey.

Addicition and Cortical Abnormalities

Changes in cortical thickness correlate with a primary feature of addiction, could reflect both predisposition and effects of drug exposure.

New Autism Therapies

Parents of autistic children need not despair. It has been proved that therapies using Lego can be an enormous help.