Author: clinicallypsych

Positive Effects of Meditation on Mental Health

A new report released by Yale researchers explores the positive impact of meditation. It has long been considered that meditation can help to improve some health related issues, such as quitting smoking or the ability to cope with cancer. However, this new research also suggests that meditation can help to improve anxiety related illnesses, as well as attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity.

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Transcendental Meditation Could Reduce PTSD Symptoms In Veterans

New research conducted by Normal Rosenthal explores the benefits of transcendental meditation for recent war veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD. The research suggests a 50% reduction in PTSD symptoms for veterans who practise Transcendental Meditation techniques for at least 8 weeks. The study discovered that those who practiced Transcendental Meditation also had a significant reduction in symptoms of stress and depression, as well as reporting improvements in interpersonal relationships and their quality of life.

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Childhood Epilepsy: Study Finds Boys At Greater Risk Of Developing Psychiatric Disorders

While it has previously been reported that children with epilepsy have a greater risk for developing psychiatric disorders and behavioral problems; a new study has identified that gender plays a great role in determining the potential development of specific problems. Girls, the study suggests, are more inclined to develop emotional problems, while their male counterparts faced a greater risk for developing hyperactivity and attention deficits.

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