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In addition to our Neuroscience News website, our team decided that there was a need to create a non profit website to promote breaking news in clinical psychology, biological psychology and psychopharmacology. We feel there is a lack of websites dedicated to breaking news within these fields, so decided to create this resource to keep psychology professionals and clinical psychology students abreast of current discoveries in clinical psychology.

The Clinically Psyched team scour the news daily for relevant news which we believe is vital within clinical psychology. We only choose headlines related to clinical psychology and post the relevant links. Occasionally, the original link may not be available without registration, so we link the clinical psychology news article to a secondary source.

We actively encourage our clinical psychology news readers to submit clinical psychology articles, clinical psychology related breaking news, clinical psychology abstracts, psychology links and suggestions to help develop our website. As such, we frequently update Clinically Psyched, so be sure to check back with us often.

Clinically Psyched is especially interested in clinical psychology student submission and we intend to develop an area where psychology students can post papers they believe may be suitable for our readers. We do ask for all paper submissions to be accompanied by a reference page formatted in the standard BPS/APA style. If any articles are used in papers by our users, we strongly insist that both Clinically Psyched and the original author/source are referenced.

It is our hope that clinical psychology professionals, university psychology departments, clinical psychology students and anyone interested in the field of clinical psychology will find this a useful resource and assist in the development of this website.

Be sure to read our user articles, clinical psychology articles, neurotheology articles and more.

We have archived our old clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, other psychology and neuroscience news. Check the archive section for older clinical psychology news articles.

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Forum Closed

Due to much abuse of our forum system over the past two years, we have decided to remove our forums from Clinically Psyched.

Since installing our new forum system to Clinically Psyched two years ago, we have noticed a steady incline of abuse of this service. Daily, we face hundreds of "new users" who's only intent is to fill our boards with spam and pornographic links. As such, rather than continuing to waste our resources on removing every new user we have, we have decided to disband our forum service.

What we have encountered on our forums, runs directly against ethical website advertising policies and we consider the abuse of our forum to be detrimentally harmful to our web services.

Our forums were intended to provide an additional service for this website, whereby readers and users could discuss relevant material covered by Clinically Psyched. However, unethical website service providers decided to utilize our website's bandwidth to post junk, spam and immoral material. As such, we restricted the ability to post on our forums and made our signup process more complex over a year ago. This did not deter these unethical companies as they found ways to get around our system.

We do not find it fair that our users are restricted from having a voice about our website, or the news we post. Unethical website advertising companies and SEO "Black Hatters" have removed that from you by continuing to abuse our website. Also, we do not find it fair that we should have to dedicate much of our days to removing profile after profile, and link after link, to insure our website is not harmed by their conduct. As such, we have had to come to the conclusion that the only sensible option is to remove this service at this point in time.

We are working on a solution to provide a social outlet for users of our website and will post more news about this when we are in our final stages.

Clinically Psyched would like to thank readers, old and new, for their continued support. We hope that our new services will be far more beneficial for all.

Thank you.

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