Welcome to the new look Clinically Psyched.

At the moment, we are still in the process of completely redesigning Clinically Psyched and ironing out some glitches. We expect that the vast majority of the aesthetic redesign work will be complete within the next week, although during this time we will continue to post new clinical psychology news for our readers to follow.

We are adding a number of new features to Clinically Psyched right now and expect them all to be running very soon. We are aiming to make Clinically Psyched into a complete network for all things clinical psychology related. This means that in addition to providing clinical psychology and other related news, we will be adding a membership section, groups, user blogs, jobs pages, psychology videos and other features to insure that the website is far more interactive. This is what our readers are asking for, and we are only too happy to oblige.

We did experiment a little into the world of social networking on our sister site, Socially Psyched. However, this did not work as well as we planned. We believe one reason for this was that there was not enough consistent new information to keep our users returning regularly. As such, we have decided to combine both the news and networking elements together in Clinically Psyched as we feel that this would be more attractive for our users. That being said, we are also considering completely overhauling Socially Psyched to insure it becomes a hub for general and social psychology in the near future.

We feel that, as a clinical psychology and mental health related website, it is very important that we provide support networks onsite for a number of people dealing with psychological disorders. As such, we are implementing some new support groups within our membership groups section for users to join. We hope that these support groups will help and offer support for those most in need.

Additionally, we will be adding more field specific groups and forums for our professional and student readers to join. These groups will give readers the chance to come together, discuss latest psychology research news and share ideas. We hope that many of our followers will support us in these inclusions and help make Clinically Psyched a strong clinical psychology network.

We will also be adding a function for users to have their own blogs attached to Clinically Psyched very soon. Psychology blogging is becoming extremely important and there are very few websites offering psychology specific member blogs. We do hope that many readers will grasp the opportunity to utilize our psychology blog service in the very near future.

Currently, we are looking to transplant all of our old files and articles into this new website. Although the old pages are easy to be found in search engines, we feel that a lack of uniformity in design between the old pages and new website will deter people from returning often. Also, our new website design allows for archive searching, so you can be sure to find relevant older articles more easily than trawling through our old pages.

If you have any suggestions of features you would like to see included on the new look Clinically Psyched, please leave us a message. We are looking for great ideas which will make your visits to our site an enjoyable experience.

The Clinically Psyched team would like to thank all of our readers for their support over the last five years and hope to have your support with the relaunch of our website.

clinically psyched redesign

Clinically Psyched says "Goodbye" to old design and static website.