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Addiction Roots Dependent Upon A Person’s Sex?

A new report from Yale researchers considers the different biological mechanisms associated with cocaine addiction between men and women. It is hoped that the study could shed some light onto effective therapies to help curb cravings, and ultimately break the addiction cycle based upon the sex of the patient. The findings so far suggest that women could benefit from stress reduction therapies, while men might benefit more from cognitive behavioral therapies or more traditional 12 step programs.

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Smokers With A History Of Anxiety Disorders Find It Harder To Quit

New research published in the Journal of Addiction suggests smokers with a history of anxiety disorders find it more difficult to quit smoking. The research conducted by UW-CTRI discovered smokers who had previously suffered from anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, social anxiety and generalize anxiety disorders were less likely to be able to quit smoking that smokers who had no history of anxiety disorders.

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Gene Variant CYP2E1 Could Possibly Protect Against Alcoholism

Researchers have discovered a gene variant which is believed to possibly prevent against alcoholism. The gene variant, CYP2E1 appears to make people more sensitive to alcohol and can generate free radicals. Researchers consider a future application for drugs containing CYP2E1 for both making people more sensitive to alcohol prior to drinking, and to assist in the process of sobering up.

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