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Spontaneous gene glitches linked to autism risk with older dads

Researchers have turned up a new clue to the workings of a possible environmental factor in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs): fathers were four times more likely than mothers to transmit tiny, spontaneous mutations to their children with the disorders. Moreover, the number of such transmitted genetic glitches increased with paternal age. The discovery may help to explain earlier evidence linking autism risk to older fathers.

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Autism Speaks Issues Call To Action For National Leaders After CDC Findings

In light of the new report from the CDC which found that 1 in every 88 American children are now diagnosed with Autism, the world’s leading autism advocacy group, Autism Speaks are calling on elected officials to develop a new national strategy to take on this national public health crisis. Autism Speaks considers the skyrocketing diagnosis of new autism patients to be on par with an epidemic. They are calling for new incentives to be implemented, such as increased funding for genetic research and environmental research which could uncover the causes for autism, and additional funding for the development of potential new medications and treatments to help those living with autism.

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Motor Cortex Response Blunted In Patients With ASD

Could non-invasive brain stimulation be used to improve mirror neuron activity in patients with autism spectrum disorders? This question is being raised in light of new findings released by researchers at Monash University and published in the latest edition of Biological Psychology. Using transcranial magnetic stimulation on ASD patients, researchers noted a blunted brain response in the motor cortex when watching transitive hand gestures, compared to participants with no evidence of ASD.

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Autism More Prevalent Than Thought In Adults With Learning Difficulties, Study Finds

A study released by researchers from the University of Leicester has revealed a previously ‘invisible’ group of adults with autism within the UK. The study found that 60% of men and 43% of women with profound learning difficulties have autism, refuting previous estimates of lower rates of autism within these specific groups. The finding is vital as it can lead to new support services for those adults who have autism and learning difficulties.

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University of Utah and Google Working Together for Autistic Children

Researchers at the University of Utah have been working with Google’s Project Spectrum to help teach jobs skills to children with Autism. The workshops not only help children to develop new skills which could help them with future career opportunities, but also have helped the children to develop new social interaction skills. Additionally, the workshops are providing parents of Autistic children confidence and optimism that they can go on to develop genuine social relationships with others.

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Genetic Variants Rewire Brain In Autistic Patients

Researchers at UCLA have demonstrated how genetic variants rewire the brain in autistic patients. Examining the role of the CNTAP2 gene, which is believed to boost the risk of autism, researchers discovered a difference in connectivity between the left and right sides of the brain, depending on which version of the gene the patients carried. This research could provide a positive outcome in developing treatments for re-balancing the brain circuitry for autistic patients and promote a more normal neurological development.

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