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Childhood Epilepsy: Study Finds Boys At Greater Risk Of Developing Psychiatric Disorders

While it has previously been reported that children with epilepsy have a greater risk for developing psychiatric disorders and behavioral problems; a new study has identified that gender plays a great role in determining the potential development of specific problems. Girls, the study suggests, are more inclined to develop emotional problems, while their male counterparts faced a greater risk for developing hyperactivity and attention deficits.

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Is There A Link Between Early Stress And Mood Disorders In Adulthood?

New psychological research from Concordia University has been performed to investigate the link between childhood stresses and later onset of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. The researchers discovered higher levels of Cortisol within test subjects from families with a history of mental disorders. However, researchers stated that the test subjects from “at risk” families might not go on to develop mood disorders of their own.

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Binge Drinking Damages The Teenage Mind

New research suggests heavy alcohol use in teens can detrimentally affect neural development. Researchers have concluded that binge drinking can negatively disrupt normal developmental processes, leading to problems with learning and social adjustment in the long term. The study also discovered that increased use of alcohol can result in a decrease in attention and executive function. Additionally, increased marijuana use was discovered to decrease memory performance.

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Early Intervention Program For Children Could Prevent Antisocial Behavior Later In Life

Psychologists have developed an intervention program aimed at children as young as 3, which could assist in preventing antisocial behavior later in life. Additionally, initial reports from the first year of this program’s study states an 86% reduction in symptoms such as shyness, depression and social isolation for the children who participated.

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Parents Admit To “Forgetting” How To Play With Children

A new report by Professor Tanya Byron suggests that parents have forgotten how to play with their children. Additionally, a third of parents interviewed for the study who do actively attempt to take part in family activities find them boring, with one in ten parents considering family play-times a waste of time.

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