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Risk Factors For Paternal Depression Identified

New research released in this months Maternal and Child Health Journal helps to identify certain factors associated with paternal depression. Risk factors for depression in fathers include poverty, living with a depressive partner, having special needs children and unemployment. It has previously been identified that children with depressive parents have increased rates of expressing mental illness during their life times. 15% of children with fathers who display depressive symptoms had evidence of behavioral or emotional problems.

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Further Cardiac Related Hospitalization In Heart Attack Patients With Depression

New research released by Tel Aviv University today suggests heart attack patients with a history of depression are more likely to be re-admitted to hospital with additional cardiac health problems. For patients with depression, it is hoped that further medical assistance be administered to help manage depression, in addition to general lifestyle changes such as weight loss and smoking cessation.

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New Study Links Depression To Low Levels Of Vitamin D

A new report from psychiatrists at UT Southwestern has pointed to a correlation between low levels of vitamin D and depression. Researchers discovered that lower levels of vitamin D were apparent in people with current depressive symptoms, particularly those who had a history of depression. However, the researchers are yet to determine whether the low vitamin D levels contribute to depressive symptoms, or whether the depression contributes to lower levels of the vitamin.

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