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Strong Risk Factor For Bipolar Disorder Associated With NCAN Genetic Variation

A genetic variation in the gene neurocan (NCAN) could denote a strong risk factor for bipolar disorder, new research suggests. The study into the genetic basis of bipolar disorder, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, considered the DNA of a large number of people with bipolar disorder in Europe, Australia and the USA. Through their GWAS investigation, they discovered that the genetic variation of NCAN was significantly associated with thousands of patients who suffer from bipolar disorder.

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Gene Variant CYP2E1 Could Possibly Protect Against Alcoholism

Researchers have discovered a gene variant which is believed to possibly prevent against alcoholism. The gene variant, CYP2E1 appears to make people more sensitive to alcohol and can generate free radicals. Researchers consider a future application for drugs containing CYP2E1 for both making people more sensitive to alcohol prior to drinking, and to assist in the process of sobering up.

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