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Further Cardiac Related Hospitalization In Heart Attack Patients With Depression

New research released by Tel Aviv University today suggests heart attack patients with a history of depression are more likely to be re-admitted to hospital with additional cardiac health problems. For patients with depression, it is hoped that further medical assistance be administered to help manage depression, in addition to general lifestyle changes such as weight loss and smoking cessation.

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How We Perceive Illness Might Influence Health Outcomes

New research published in the APA’s Current Directions in Psychological Science suggests that how we perceive personal illness might affect our health outcomes. The study, released in February’s edition of the journal, suggests how a person perceives their illness might play a detrimental role in determining the health outcome, more so than the actual severity of their illness.

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Study Considers How HIV Patients Perceive Hidden Prejudice In Community

People living with HIV/AIDS often feel stigmatized when nobody blatantly discriminates them, according to a new report to be released in Psychological Science. The new study into perceived prejudice against HIV positive people suggests few individuals experienced overt acts of discrimination. Despite this, many were reluctant to reveal their condition to others. The report also suggests people living with HIV/AIDS felt the most need to hide their condition in more social communities where people had less personal pressure to avoid expressing their prejudices.

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