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Giving Lithium to Those who Need it

Lithium is a ‘gold standard’ drug for treating bipolar disorder, however not everyone responds in the same way. New research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders finds that this is true at the levels of gene activation, especially in the activation or repression of genes which alter the level the apoptosis (programmed cell death).

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Risk Factors For Paternal Depression Identified

New research released in this months Maternal and Child Health Journal helps to identify certain factors associated with paternal depression. Risk factors for depression in fathers include poverty, living with a depressive partner, having special needs children and unemployment. It has previously been identified that children with depressive parents have increased rates of expressing mental illness during their life times. 15% of children with fathers who display depressive symptoms had evidence of behavioral or emotional problems.

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Self Harming Youths On Medicaid Failed By The Medical System

Many emergancy rooms across the US are failing to protect young people who self harm by discharging them without emergancy mental health assessments, a new report by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital suggests. The findings are published in this months Journal of the American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry, and derived from a national study of Medicaid data.

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Positive Effects of Meditation on Mental Health

A new report released by Yale researchers explores the positive impact of meditation. It has long been considered that meditation can help to improve some health related issues, such as quitting smoking or the ability to cope with cancer. However, this new research also suggests that meditation can help to improve anxiety related illnesses, as well as attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity.

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Research Investigates The Most Damaging Symptoms OF PTSD

Sufferers of PTSD, on average, are willing to give up 13 years of their life and undergo life threatening treatments in order to reduce their symptoms, new research suggests. The new study on PTSD performed by USC also discovered that recollection of traumatic events and avoiding certain thoughts had minimal effect on the patients sense of well being. However, depression, insomnia and anxiety were associated with lower quality of life for patients.

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Depression Missed Due To Patients Personality Type?

A new study suggests a patients personality could affect the correct diagnosis of depression. Based on their research, psychologists suggest that reports of family or friends regarding the mood history of a patient could lead to a missed diagnosis. Additionally, missed signs of depression tended to occur more with patients who were generally extroverts or outgoing.

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