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Vitamin K2 Possible New Hope For Parkinson’s Patients

Neuroscientist Patrik Verstreken, associated with VIB and KU Leuven, succeeded in undoing the effect of one of the genetic defects that leads to Parkinson’s using vitamin K2. His discovery gives hope to Parkinson’s patients. This research was done in collaboration with colleagues from Northern Illinois University (US) and will be published this evening on the website of the authorative journal Science.

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Mommy Has A Bigger Brain…

New research published by the APA has suggested new mothers brains can grow within months of giving birth. Researchers discovered a small, yet significant increase in gray matter within certain areas of the brain responsible for emotional processing, reward and maternal motivation, amongst others. Additionally, mothers who considered their babies to be extremely special or perfect were shown to be more likely to develop larger mid brains.

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