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Study Suggests Gossiping Has Some Positive Psychological Benefits

Have you ever been told that it is rude or bad to gossip? A new study released by UC Berkeley suggests that idle gossip might have some psychologically positive upsides after all. Not only can gossip provide a cathartic and therapeutic outlet for lowering stress, gossip can help us to prevent exploitation and police the bad behavior in others, the study suggests.

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A Positive Mood Boost Creative Thinking

Does your boss get mad that you keep watching those funny viral videos during office hours? New research can finally back up your case. According to new research released by the APS, watching comical videos and listening to upbeat music can allow you to think more creatively by generating a positive mood. Researchers discovered that people who were exposed to positive stimuli, such as videos of laughing babies, performed better in learning tasks and creative problem solving than those exposed to negative stimuli.

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Meditation Training Promotes Positive Psychology And Better Cellular Health

Californian researchers have discovered a link between the positive psychological changes which occur as a result of meditation and greater telomerase activity. Telomerase, an enzyme which is important for cellular health, help rebuild and lengthen telomeres. Additionally, participants within the study attained numerous psychological benefits from meditation training, while decreasing negative emotionality.

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