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Emergency Dispatch Operators At Risk For PTSD

New research released in the recent edition of the Journal of Traumatic Stress has uncovered many emergency dispatch operators are at risk of developing PTSD. The report suggests emergency call operators experience a significantly higher level of emotional distress, due to the nature of their jobs. It is clear that there is a need to provide emergency call operators with similar prevention and intervention support programs as as provided to their colleagues who serve on the front lines.

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Genetic Clues To PTSD?

New research released today in PLoS ONE could help to find new treatment options for people suffering from high anxiety disorders such as PTSD. Using mice, researchers at Rutgers have identified genetic clues which pinpoint why some are more resilient to traumatic experiences, while others are still fearful once removed from potentially dangerous situations.

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A History of Rape Or Child Abuse Can Lead To Chronic PTSD In Women

A new study released by Florida State University has discovered certain risk factors for the development of chronic PTSD in women. The risk factors include a history of rape or server childhood physical abuse. Additionally, women who reported more ‘rexperiencing’ symptoms, such as nightmares or flash backs to their trauma, were more likely to suffer the persistent effects of PTSD for a longer period of time.

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Transcendental Meditation Could Reduce PTSD Symptoms In Veterans

New research conducted by Normal Rosenthal explores the benefits of transcendental meditation for recent war veterans suffering from symptoms of PTSD. The research suggests a 50% reduction in PTSD symptoms for veterans who practise Transcendental Meditation techniques for at least 8 weeks. The study discovered that those who practiced Transcendental Meditation also had a significant reduction in symptoms of stress and depression, as well as reporting improvements in interpersonal relationships and their quality of life.

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