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Anti-tobacco Ads Help Adults Quit, But Only If They Are Not From The Tobacco Industry

New research released in April’s American Journal of Public Health discovered anti-tobacco advertising does help reduce the need to spark up in adults, however only when the ads are from sponsors not associated with the tobacco industry. In states where anti-tobacco ads were sponsored by private initiatives, pharmaceutical and the state itself, the anti smoking message had greater impact. Ads created or sponsored directly by the tobacco industry prompted more smoking in states which ran these campaigns. However, although the anti-smoking ads delivered by pharmaceutical companies were more effective in getting people to smoke less, running ads for cessation products appear to have turned people off potentially quitting their addiction.

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Fragile X Syndrome Reversed In Adult Mice

New research published this month in Neuron has found a newly developed mGlu5 inhibitor, CTEP, is effect at reversing many symptoms associated with Fragile X syndrome in adult mouse models. While CTEP isn’t currently being developed for humans, the researchers have pointed out that their findings are significant for understanding the condition. FXS, they suggest, is not the result of an irreversible disruption of brain development.

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Spontaneous gene glitches linked to autism risk with older dads

Researchers have turned up a new clue to the workings of a possible environmental factor in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs): fathers were four times more likely than mothers to transmit tiny, spontaneous mutations to their children with the disorders. Moreover, the number of such transmitted genetic glitches increased with paternal age. The discovery may help to explain earlier evidence linking autism risk to older fathers.

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Positive Effects of Meditation on Mental Health

A new report released by Yale researchers explores the positive impact of meditation. It has long been considered that meditation can help to improve some health related issues, such as quitting smoking or the ability to cope with cancer. However, this new research also suggests that meditation can help to improve anxiety related illnesses, as well as attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity.

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Bar Violence Linked To Happy Hours

A new report produced by Cardiff University explores the link between happy hour in bars and pub violence. The research, which was conducted across five different cities in the UK, found that establishments with the highest levels of violence were most likely to have promotional prices on alcohol. Additionally, bars with higher reported levels of violence tended to have higher levels of customer intoxication between entering and exiting the venue.

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Genetic And Economic Factors Influence Psychopathic Traits In Children

New research from the University of Illinois has discovered that both genetics and economic status are influential factors in children who exhibit psychopathic traits. Children with longer alleles on the serotonin transporter protein genes and who grow up in a family with a lower economic status are most inclined to demonstrate psychopathic traits, such as exhibiting lower levels of empathy and remorse.

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