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Cannabis Use During Youth Affects Brain Regions Associated With Schizophrenia

New research from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) published in Nature’s Neuropsychopharmacology has shown physical changes to exist in specific brain areas implicated in schizophrenia following the use of cannabis during adolescence. The research has shown how cannabis use during adolescence can interact with a gene, called the COMT gene, to cause physical changes in the brain.

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The Gifts We Keep On Giving

In an article to be published in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, researchers from Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Harvard Business School and the London Business School explore the whole question of regifting from the perspective of both the original giver and the receiver who may or may not rewrap and regift.

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Increased Risk Of Suicide And Cardiovascular Death Immediately After Cancer Diagnosis

New research released in The New England Journal of Medicine this month suggests there is an increased risk of suicide and cardiovascular death for cancer patients in the period immediately following their diagnosis. While previous studies have shown similar increased risks in patients living long term with the disease, this is the first notable study of its type to correlate suicide and heart related stresses to coincide with the diagnosis of cancer.

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Counselor burnout: A Recognizable and Preventable Condition Implications for mental health professionals -Tyler J. Andreula, M.A.

As helping professionals, we are trusted with some of our clients’ deepest, darkest secrets. Each day, we are subjected to the heart-wrenching stories and the immensely difficult life situations of the individuals who come to us seeking change and relief. It is impossible for any helping professional to know what our clients will bring through our door.

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Positive Effects of Meditation on Mental Health

A new report released by Yale researchers explores the positive impact of meditation. It has long been considered that meditation can help to improve some health related issues, such as quitting smoking or the ability to cope with cancer. However, this new research also suggests that meditation can help to improve anxiety related illnesses, as well as attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity.

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Incidence Of Eating Disorders Twice As Likely In Muslim Teens Than Christians

New research conducted by the University of Granada has discovered eating disorders and body dissatisfaction are almost twice as prevalent in Muslim teenagers than their Christian contemporaries. Researchers believe the findings could be beneficial in a preventative medicine perspective.

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