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Anti-tobacco Ads Help Adults Quit, But Only If They Are Not From The Tobacco Industry

New research released in April’s American Journal of Public Health discovered anti-tobacco advertising does help reduce the need to spark up in adults, however only when the ads are from sponsors not associated with the tobacco industry. In states where anti-tobacco ads were sponsored by private initiatives, pharmaceutical and the state itself, the anti smoking message had greater impact. Ads created or sponsored directly by the tobacco industry prompted more smoking in states which ran these campaigns. However, although the anti-smoking ads delivered by pharmaceutical companies were more effective in getting people to smoke less, running ads for cessation products appear to have turned people off potentially quitting their addiction.

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Low Dopamine Levels Linked To Relapse For Ex-Smokers

Research undertaken by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine takes big steps in helping to explain why it is so hard for smokers to quit their addiction. Smoking enhances dopamine release, and when a smoker attempts to quit, dopamine levels lower significantly. The lapse in dopamine levels can prompt a relapse for smokers who are trying to quit. The authors suggest medications which could elevate dopamine levels when a smoker is trying to quit, could be key to a non-smoking life style and help to prevent relapse.

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Taking Smoking Cessation Medication For Four Weeks Prior To Quitting Can Help Keep You Tobacco Free

New research released this week by the University of Buffalo suggests smokers might have more success at kicking the habit if they start using smoking cessation medications, such as varenicline, for several weeks prior to their quit date. Findings showed that smokers who took the medication for four weeks prior to quitting were more likely to remain tobacco-free three months after the trail ended, compared to those who only took the drug for the regularly prescribed time frame of one week. The female participants also fared better in their quest to quit, with 67% remaining smoke free at the three month follow up.

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Smokers With A History Of Anxiety Disorders Find It Harder To Quit

New research published in the Journal of Addiction suggests smokers with a history of anxiety disorders find it more difficult to quit smoking. The research conducted by UW-CTRI discovered smokers who had previously suffered from anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, social anxiety and generalize anxiety disorders were less likely to be able to quit smoking that smokers who had no history of anxiety disorders.

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