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UCLA Utilize Neuromarketing To Find Most Effective Anti-Smoking Ads

If you follow the field of neuromarketing, you may be aware that what we report liking or finding most effective is often very different from what our brains tell us we really like. This has again been reported in a new study by researchers at UCLA who looked at both self reported preference and brain responses to public service announcements in relation to smoking cessation.

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Taking Smoking Cessation Medication For Four Weeks Prior To Quitting Can Help Keep You Tobacco Free

New research released this week by the University of Buffalo suggests smokers might have more success at kicking the habit if they start using smoking cessation medications, such as varenicline, for several weeks prior to their quit date. Findings showed that smokers who took the medication for four weeks prior to quitting were more likely to remain tobacco-free three months after the trail ended, compared to those who only took the drug for the regularly prescribed time frame of one week. The female participants also fared better in their quest to quit, with 67% remaining smoke free at the three month follow up.

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Link Between Heavy Smoking And Alzheimer’s Suggested

A new study released by Kaiser Permanente has linked heavy smoking during midlife to an increased risk in developing Alzheimer’s disease. Smokers who smoke more than two packs of cigarettes a day also had an increased risk of developing vascular dementia, the second most common form of dementia. Vascular dementia occurs as a result of compromised blood flow to the brain.

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