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Blood Test Can Determine Depression And Its Subtypes In Teens

A breakthrough blood test which identifies depression and its specific subtypes in teens has been developed by a scientist at Northwestern University. Scientist were able to distinguish 11 specific genetic markers apparent within teens with depression and those without depression. Additionally, 18 out of 26 genetic markers previously identified, distinguished between teens who suffered major depression alone and those whose depression was coupled with anxiety disorders. This research is promising as, not only can depression and its subtypes be diagnosed through a simple blood test, but also gives hope for the development of individualized treatment options.

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Family Support Can Help Reduce Suicide In Homosexual Adolescents

The unfortunate death of Tyler Clementi, helped raise a great deal of awareness of suicide within the gay, lesbian and LGBT community. In the wake of the events, national projects such as the “It Gets Better Project”, which was supported by stars such as Lady Gaga, helped to raise further awareness about the issues. A new report by Northwestern University suggests that the best way to prevent suicide or suicidal tendencies within the young gay community is for the family to be open and show support. Adolescents who feel able to discuss their problems and concerns with family or friends are less likely to engage in self harming behaviors, such as suicide, than those who feel, or have been victimized because of their sexuality.

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