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Giving Lithium to Those who Need it

Lithium is a ‘gold standard’ drug for treating bipolar disorder, however not everyone responds in the same way. New research published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders finds that this is true at the levels of gene activation, especially in the activation or repression of genes which alter the level the apoptosis (programmed cell death).

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Fewer Suicides After Antidepressive Treatment For Schizophrenia

Antidepressive drugs reduce the mortality rate of schizophrenic patients, while treatment with bensodiazepines greatly increases it, especially as regards suicide. Giving several antipsychotics simultaneously, however, seems to have no effect at all. This according to a new study examining different drug combinations administered to patients with schizophrenia.

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Blood Test Can Determine Depression And Its Subtypes In Teens

A breakthrough blood test which identifies depression and its specific subtypes in teens has been developed by a scientist at Northwestern University. Scientist were able to distinguish 11 specific genetic markers apparent within teens with depression and those without depression. Additionally, 18 out of 26 genetic markers previously identified, distinguished between teens who suffered major depression alone and those whose depression was coupled with anxiety disorders. This research is promising as, not only can depression and its subtypes be diagnosed through a simple blood test, but also gives hope for the development of individualized treatment options.

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Addiction Roots Dependent Upon A Person’s Sex?

A new report from Yale researchers considers the different biological mechanisms associated with cocaine addiction between men and women. It is hoped that the study could shed some light onto effective therapies to help curb cravings, and ultimately break the addiction cycle based upon the sex of the patient. The findings so far suggest that women could benefit from stress reduction therapies, while men might benefit more from cognitive behavioral therapies or more traditional 12 step programs.

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