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Partner’s Support During Pregnancy Is Key To Emotional Wellbeing Of Mother And Baby

For most women, pregnancy is the most joyous experience of their lives. However, for some women, pregnancy can bring with it feelings of intense anxiety and depression, especially if they feel little support from their partner. Depression, stress and anxiety during pregnancy can lead to premature births or low birth weights. These can impact children’s health well into their early school years.

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Difference In Reporting Physical Symptoms Between Anxiety And Depression

A new study performed by researchers at the University of Iowa suggests a difference in the reporting of physical symptoms between people who suffer from depression or anxiety. The study points out people with depression are more likely to report past physical symptoms, while people suffering from anxiety are more inclined to report present symptoms. Additionally, the research suggests people who suffered from depressive moods were more inclined to recall more physical problems than they actually experienced after the fact.

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Smokers With A History Of Anxiety Disorders Find It Harder To Quit

New research published in the Journal of Addiction suggests smokers with a history of anxiety disorders find it more difficult to quit smoking. The research conducted by UW-CTRI discovered smokers who had previously suffered from anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, social anxiety and generalize anxiety disorders were less likely to be able to quit smoking that smokers who had no history of anxiety disorders.

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