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Fewer Suicides After Antidepressive Treatment For Schizophrenia

Antidepressive drugs reduce the mortality rate of schizophrenic patients, while treatment with bensodiazepines greatly increases it, especially as regards suicide. Giving several antipsychotics simultaneously, however, seems to have no effect at all. This according to a new study examining different drug combinations administered to patients with schizophrenia.

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Suicidal Thoughts Linked To Experiences Of War Time Killing For Vietnam-era Veterans

New research published this month in Depression and Anxiety considers the link between killing in war time and later suicidal thoughts in Vietnam-era veterans. The study discovered veterans were twice as likely to have reported suicidal thoughts if they had faced more direct experience involving killing, that those veterans who had few to no experiences of killing. For the purpose of this study, researchers defined four variables to evaluate the ‘experience of killing’; these include killing enemy soldiers, prisoners general civilians and killing or injuring women, children or the elderly.

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Increased Risk Of Suicide And Cardiovascular Death Immediately After Cancer Diagnosis

New research released in The New England Journal of Medicine this month suggests there is an increased risk of suicide and cardiovascular death for cancer patients in the period immediately following their diagnosis. While previous studies have shown similar increased risks in patients living long term with the disease, this is the first notable study of its type to correlate suicide and heart related stresses to coincide with the diagnosis of cancer.

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Family Support Can Help Reduce Suicide In Homosexual Adolescents

The unfortunate death of Tyler Clementi, helped raise a great deal of awareness of suicide within the gay, lesbian and LGBT community. In the wake of the events, national projects such as the “It Gets Better Project”, which was supported by stars such as Lady Gaga, helped to raise further awareness about the issues. A new report by Northwestern University suggests that the best way to prevent suicide or suicidal tendencies within the young gay community is for the family to be open and show support. Adolescents who feel able to discuss their problems and concerns with family or friends are less likely to engage in self harming behaviors, such as suicide, than those who feel, or have been victimized because of their sexuality.

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New Index Assists In Identifying Suicidal Behavior

Until recently, it has been extremely hard for scientists and doctors to evaluate a person’s likelihood for thinking about suicide or acting on suicidal impulses. Little methodology was in place to correctly identify those in most risk of considering suicide or ending their own lives. However, an international group of scientists have considered suicidal behavior and identified a number of risk factors in order to create the first index for preventing suicide.

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